The R package rattle provides a dataset that I have been collecting over a few years now from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.  Like most of the datasets in rattle  it is also available as a CSV file as part of the package (as well as a proper R dataset) and can also be downloaded from the Internet at

The dataset has been sourced from the bureau since about 2008 for nearly 50 weather stations, some of which we can see on the map below which comes from the bureau:

Graham @ Togaware

A new release of Rattle has hit CRAN – this is version 4.0.0 and brings a variety of stability fixes and enhancements. For example, Jose A Magaña has added support for the display of pairs plots.

Screenshot-Rattle: Plot 3

An obvious addition is the Connect-R button on the toolbar – this will take you to Connect-R where R related projects (including suggestions for enhancements to Rattle) can be listed and crow-funding applied to have the projects completed. Jose’s project to add pairs plots is an example of a crowd funded addition to Rattle.

Screenshot-R Data Miner - [Rattle (weather.csv)]-1

Other enhancements include

  • more migration of plots to using ggplot2,
  • multiple ggplot2 plots within the single window,
  • add Group By to override the default group by the target variable for plots,
  • use of pipes to build commands exposed within the Log tab,
  • support colour changes in fancyRpartPlot()
  • error matrix now supports multi-class targets
  • use readr::read_excel() to reduce Java reliance