A new release of Rattle has hit CRAN – this is version 4.0.0 and brings a variety of stability fixes and enhancements. For example, Jose A Magaña has added support for the display of pairs plots.

Screenshot-Rattle: Plot 3

An obvious addition is the Connect-R button on the toolbar – this will take you to Connect-R where R related projects (including suggestions for enhancements to Rattle) can be listed and crow-funding applied to have the projects completed. Jose’s project to add pairs plots is an example of a crowd funded addition to Rattle.

Screenshot-R Data Miner - [Rattle (weather.csv)]-1

Other enhancements include

  • more migration of plots to using ggplot2,
  • multiple ggplot2 plots within the single window,
  • add Group By to override the default group by the target variable for plots,
  • use of pipes to build commands exposed within the Log tab,
  • support colour changes in fancyRpartPlot()
  • error matrix now supports multi-class targets
  • use readr::read_excel() to reduce Java reliance