googlelogo_color_272x92dp Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist, references Rattle as providing a unified toolkit for Data Mining (June 2013).
background Nulink Analytics’ Scott MacLean’s blog provides an honourable mention of Rattle in his blog post titled Shake, rattle, and roll (March 2013)
The Australian The Australian IT section, 25 July 2006, contained an article on Open Source for Business Intelligence under the title “Open path no threat to majors”. I disagree with the headline but I am quoted, as Institute of Analytics Professionals Australia ACT chapter head, saying that “leading Australian practitioners disagree with the conventional wisdom that free BI still faces a long road to maturity”. Some other quotes are inaccurate but overall okay.
images Togaware Pty Ltd collaborated with Information Builders Inc to bring one of the first implementations of Predictive Analytics using R to a powerful business intelligence suite released in 2008. This version of Rattle is called RStat.
AFR The Australian Financial Review reported (8 July 2006) on the use of Data Mining in the Australian Institute of Sport, with the assistance of the Australian Taxation Office experts.
AFR The Australian Financial Review reported (10 July 2006) on the use of Data Mining for risk scoring late lodgement of tax returns by the ATO – one of the early wins delivering $118M benefit for the Australian Taxpayer.


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Joseph Rickert on Big Data Sets you can use with R.

The book, [Data Mining with Rattle and R: The Art of Excavating Data for Knowledge Discovery Series] will be published by Springer, as part of the Use R! series, in August, 2011.

Keep an eye out for AnalyticDroid from Togaware, an Android application for controlling analytics from a mobile device using R running on a cloud computing environment. (Item added 15 May 2010.)

Rattle was listed, 29 April 2010, as one of the top 10 graphical user interfaces in statistical software.

The RStat Brochure offers a guide to the features of Rattle/RStat. RStat is Information Builder‘s integrated offering of Analytics within the WebFocus business intelligence platform, based on Rattle.

The Rattle Paper has been published in The R Journal, 1(2):45-55, December 2009. The paper provides a basic introduction to Rattle for Data Mining. Once again, when this was announced on KDnuggets it was the most viewed item of the week.

Rattle is described as an “attractive, easy-to-use front end … data mining toolkit” in an article published in the Teradata Magazine, volume 9, issue 3, page 57 (September 2009).

RStat (based on Rattle) can now export data mining models, through the open standard, to C code for deployment within the business intelligence product, WebFOCUS RStat.

Steve Miller, President of OpenBI, a Chicago-based business intelligence consultancy wrote a piece on Rattle, 24 January 2009, in Information Management.

The author of Rattle, Dr Graham Williams, was interviewed by Decision Stats, 13 January 2009.

On 7 January 2009 the New York Times carried a front page technology article on R where a SAS representative is quoted: “I think it addresses a niche market for high-end data analysts that want free, readily available code,” said Anne H. Milley, director of technology product marketing at SAS. She adds, “We have customers who build engines for aircraft. I am happy they are not using freeware when I get on a jet.” This is a common misunderstanding put out there by vendors. R is a top quality software system, and it has benefited from significant peer review from many of the worlds leading Statsiticians. All of the code is openly available for anyone to review. On the other hand, SAS is a closed source software product. Its implementation of analytic methods is hidden and thus cannot be reviewed or reproduced by others. Who would you trust when building aircraft engines? Also note that most software we buy comes with absolutely no warranty relating to the software. Read the license.

Announcemnt of Rattle 2.4.0 in KD Nuggets. The announcement was the second most viewed artile in the newsletter.

In June 2008, the leading Business Intelligence vendor, Information Builders, announced plans to incorporate Rattle, rebadged as RStat, into their WebFOCUS BI tool. The announcement recognised Rattle and the underlying R statistical environment as a leading open source engine for predictive analytics. Bloor Research reported on RStat on 11 August 2008.

Information builders annouced, 2 June 2008, their efforts to provide an interface to the R Statistical Language for data mining. See vunet, Yahoo! News, and IT Week.

Rattle was the top software news item, as measured by the number of people reading it for 2006, in the internationally distributed KD Nuggets newsletter.

Rattle has received some “honourable mentions.” The Australian IT section of 25 July 2006 contained an article on Open Source for Business Intelligence, and referred to our growing use of R in business and the development of this GUI for data mining. The Computing and Graphics Newsletter of the American Statistical Society includes mention of Rattle, together with a screen shot of Rattle in action (see pages 9 and 10).